The Pinoy Idol Jury

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The Pinoy Idol Jury

Post by JonL0ver on Sun 29 Jun 2008, 4:00 pm

They are three of the most respected and most wanted judges in the land. Assigned to audition and choose from thousands of hopefuls all over the Philippines, they have to perfect the arduous task of selecting, rejecting and mentoring all that come before them with dreams of becoming the first ever Pinoy Idol.

Let us meet these three great personalities and learn what they have to say about their audition experience, their hopes for the show and their thoughts on who should be our Pinoy Idol.

Ogie Alcasid, Jolina Magdangal and Wyngard Tracy were chosen to be the local judges of the world-famous talent search from FremantleMedia. But that choice didn’t come easy. Their names came up in a list of equally qualified Kapuso stars.

In an interview with Ms. Wilma Galvante, GMA Senior Vice-president for Entertainment TV, she described the selection process as a challenge for them.

One of the criteria that the Fremantle people were looking for is the judge’s availability and devotion for the next five months.

According to Ms Galvante: “I wanted Regine Velasquez to be a judge, but she’s doing a series of concerts in the U.S.” And thus the Songbird was taken off the shortlist. “Jolina gave up an afternoon soap (to be part of this)” she added.

When the Pinoy Idol triumvirate was finally chosen, the public welcomed a formidable jury - a singer/songwriter/producer, an artist/record promoter, and a pop and fashion icon.

Ogie Alcasid: The singer/songwriter

Not new to the Fremantle people because of his Celebrity Duets hosting stint, Ogie Alcasid is quite thrilled to be chosen as one of the Idol jury but admits he had reservations regarding his new responsibilities.

“There were a lot of doubts in my mind as far as how should I conduct myself, but when I was talking to the Fremantle people and of course to our bosses, it was very obvious that I didn’t have to be anybody but myself,” announced Ogie.

He said that his real concern was how he would handle the task of judging an Idol hopeful.

“The only thing there since I am an artist myself, is I might look at myself in the contestants who audition. I know their plight. The fear there is I might not be too honest with my judgment towards them but it was a learning experience until I think the third city. I was slowly getting into the rhythm of it. I had to learn. It didn’t come easy for me,” confessed the singer-songwriter.

And indeed he learned. Saying “no” became an important part of the audition for Ogie. He made the Pinoy Idol audition a venue for him to help aspiring singers.

“It has been a learning experience for me. It has been a journey. It is so wonderful to see the rest of the country again and to see and meet so many personalities all over the country.”

Jolina Magdangal: Pop and fashion icon

Ms. Galvante expected Jolina to be a revelation in this show. “She’s spunky, kids look up to her. Hopefully, they will listen if she says singing is not for them.”

Indeed, Jolina’s attitude in the show was a big surprise not only to the Idol aspirants but to her co-judges.

“Parang mas-sweet pa si Ogie kaysa kay Jolina,” says the famous talent manager, Wyngard Tracy.

Jolina made sure that she spoke her mind and that she would not be influenced by the two other jurors. “I shouldn’t feel intimidated, though Wyngard and Ogie are more experienced than I am.”

She felt that being chosen as an Idol judge is an acknowledgment of all her efforts in the business through the years.

“I didn’t know that the GMA network execs submitted my profile and credentials to FremantleMedia in London for evaluation and approval. Nagulat na lang ako when the production staff met with my dad. Ang feeling ko, recognition ito ng mga achievements ko and my years of experience and training.”

Wyngard Tracy: The Talent Manager

Wyngard Tracy’s reputation precedes him. As a famous talent manager, he has established a name for himself in show business and the GMA executives recognize his contribution to the industry.

“As an artist and record promoter, Wyngard represents the business side of the industry,” Ms. Galvante explained.

Like being a contestant in Celebrity Duets, Wyngard welcomed the new challenge.

“Actually madali 'yung trabaho, as far as I am concerned madali. Lalo to say 'no' for me is easier than to say 'yes'. Ganun ako talaga. Trabaho ko 'yun matagal na. So, sanay ako sa ganoon.”

He admits that this trait of his might be the reason why the Fremantle people chose him. “I have always been upfront and straightforward, hindi ako marunong maging sweet, hindi ko alam kung ano ‘yun.”

And truly, Wyngard has established the reputation of being the “Simon Cowell of the Philippines.”

“They will find me nasty but for me I am just being honest,” was the fearless statement of the last member of the Idol jury. -- Text by Loretta G. Ramirez of

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